The importance of a LinkedIn portrait

When one thinks of brand, a logo comes to mind. It recalls the experience we've had with the product or services rendered by the company behind it. Similarly, one’s personal brand sends out a message and speaks to those we interact with. Even more importantly, it is the best tool to communicate effectively who we are professionally, as well as an authentic way of supporting our career or company.

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, one of the top professional social media platforms on the market at the moment. It helps people build, elevate and share their skills, accomplishments and goals. No longer considered to only be a job finding tool, LinkedIn allows professionals to connect with clients and work colleagues while, at the same time, participating in and promoting a corporate brand. Therefore, the photograph chosen to communicate who we are professionally is crucial to our brand. 

We care about how our clients manage their digital presence and celebrate their ideas and goals. The imagery that we create has a personalized approach that reflects our passion for human interaction and the importance of our client’s individual needs.  A LinkedIn portrait is an investment in your future that will elevate you professionally and personally.

© Dwayne Brown